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Little Puppy #2 from Daphne was lovingly dubbed Billy Boy - he was a little shy, a little awkward, and had a plain, wrinkled little mug but was the favorite of the Phillips household, his foster family. He would lag back when his sister and big brother would boldly run ahead, would stay in the crate until he was lifted out and just rolled with the flow. He excelled in the puppy chow department, however, and at his six week checkup, outweighed his older brother! Little Billy, now known as Winston, lives with his new boxer sister Noel, who was a puppy mill mom rescued and rehabilitated by Boxer Rescue. She was adopted by a kind young woman in Des Moines, Iowa, has been leading a quiet, simple life. Enter Winston - but all is well that ends well . . . their adopted mom said she swears she saw Noel smile for the first time in her new life! Julie is a blessing to both of these dogs and will help them fulfill their Boxer potential.

Updated pictures 3/16/05

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