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Noel entered our rescue a couple of years ago. She was placed and the placement did not work out. Upon returning to rescue, Noel had some medical problems. We were able to treat her and she was able to get healthy. Noel had originally come from a puppy mill, so she was terribly shy and was easily frightened. She needed a quiet, understanding and loving home. She needed a REALLY understanding home as Noel was prone to accidents in the house and sometimes her fears were overwhelming. Noel was a terribly sweet girl who got along with everyone. She had a loving, easy going temperament and all she wanted was some love and security. Fate had a hand in Noel's placement. When she first entered rescue, she met a woman who fell in love with her, but lived in an apartment and was not able to have a dog. When Noel returned to rescue, ironically, nearly a year later, this woman had just bought a house and got back on our web site only to find "her dog" Noel was available for adoption. The rest is history!! Noel went to live with a lovely woman and her two cats. It truly was a match made in heaven and we are thrilled that Noel found such a loving, care and understanding home to spend her life with!!





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