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Rocky was confiscated from a neglectful and abusive home. When he was picked up by the Animal Control Officer, he was too weak to even stand on his own. After spending nearly four months at the shelter in legal limbo, Boxer Rescue was allowed to take Rocky into foster care. In his foster home, Rocky flourished. He was a perfect Boxer boy. He never had any accidents, never started trouble with the other dogs and never tore anything up or got into things he wasn't supposed to. He was truly an angel Boxer. Rocky's neglectful owner was arrested after he failed to appear in court for the abuse and neglect charges. Two more times, Rocky's owner did not show up for court, but Boxer Rescue was there each and every time, fighting to get Rocky removed from that home permanently. Finally, after the last court date, the judge was forced to terminate the owner's legal ownership rights. This was a very happy day for us. It was very stressful having to think about the possibility that Rocky could be returned to the neglectful situation that he came from.

Rocky was soon adopted by a single man and the two have become best friends. Rocky's new owner says he has never laughed so much, nor had he realized just how lonely he was until Rock joined his life. Rocky's new owner loved him so much that 1 years after adopting Rocky, he decided to add another Boxer to the family. Happy went to join Rocky and Pat in 2001. Happy keeps Rocky on his toes.




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