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Mikey pictured with Lilly and Natalie

Was picked up stray on a cold Nebraska day when the temperatures were dipping into double digit negative numbers. No one claimed him at the local shelter, so he was turned over to Boxer Rescue. He was a little thin when he was first picked up, and appeared to have frost bite on his ears. He was neutered, updated on his vaccinations and placed in a foster home where his personality blossomed. When he first went to his foster home, he didn't know how to play with toys and wasn't very social towards the other dogs. In no time at all, he was acting like a normal Boxer. He was placed in a home with a family and another Boxer for him to play with. The family soon started having trouble with allergies, so decided to go back to one dog. Mikey returned to foster care where it was discovered he had a severe skin problem. He was losing hair and had awful raw patches of skin where he would scratch until they bled. After several unsuccessful attempts to diagnose and treat the problem, the vet thought with the previous history of developed allergies in the home, Mikey might have scabies. The vet's diagnosis appeared to be correct, after several injection treatments, Mikey quit scratching and his coat came back in. Mikey was placed in a home with a family who had adopted a white female from us approximately six months earlier. They felt Lily needed a playmate and Mikey was just the dog for their family. Mikey is very happy with his new family, he has grandchildren to play with, sleeps in bed with his owners and his good friend Lily to keep him company

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