Boxer Rescue Mission Statement

Missouri Valley Boxer Club, as a progressive member of the American Boxer Club and an American Boxer Rescue Association affiliate member, has organized a committee of volunteers who strive to find homes for displaced Boxers of all age, size and color. It is our desire to match personal characteristics of both humans and dogs to insure a loving, supportive environment.

The focus of our rescue program is twofold. The first being the consideration of the unique needs of each Boxer before being placed in an adoptive home. Secondly, we take into account the ability of potential adoptive homes to meet the dog's needs and address the situation which brought this dog to rescue.

In agreeing to adopt one of our rescue dogs we require a signed Adoption Agreement which states first and foremost that the dog is being adopted as companion and a house pet. While this is the most significant issue, proper diet, medical attention, etc. are of equal importance and further detailed in the Adoption Agreement.

An adoption fee is also necessary to continue providing incoming rescues with proper medical attention such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, etc.

As a non-profit organization we depend upon our volunteers, monetary and food donations as well as gifts of blankets, crates and bedding to insure our continued success.  Check the Donation Information page to find out how you can help.

Are you curious as to how much we typically need to spend on each of our rescues?  Our What does it cost? page will show you how much we need your help and support.

Please contact our Rescue coordinator for more information about our Rescue program.

Boxer Rescue Foundation

MVBC Rescue is an affiliate member of the American Boxer Rescue Association since 2000.


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