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George, aka, "W" - was the first born of the Daphne's puppies and he let the world know it the whole eight weeks he was in his foster home! The alpha of the litter, there was no mistake that he was the mouthpiece for the trio. He even squealed when he got his first shots while his brother and sister sat quietly and never let out a peep! Cocky little cowboy that was George - thus the "W"! He was adopted into the perfect home with an elderly boxer brother, and bossy boxer sister to keep him in line! His new dad said he is best friends with the older dog, and goes everywhere he goes. He will have a good life in his forever home - he's so darned cute he will probably get by with a lot with his humans - but is very respectful of Lexie, his boxer sister who also has a Boxer rescue success story of her own, who hopefully will continue to put him in his place!


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