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Ried came to Missouri Valley Boxer Rescue through a visit to the local Humane Society by one of our team. He was seen in the kennels by our visiting rescue coordinator and she knew we had to help this one! He was a shell of a boxer. Ried was very thin and extremely shy, very unusual for a boxer. We adopted him and brought him to one of our GREAT foster homes, where he received the love, attention and affection needed to bring him out of his shell. He also received some training in the areas of housebreaking, walking on a least and how to play. Our foster families always do a great job for our rescue kids and Ried is no exception!

Ried is pictured here with his new, permanent, loving family. This family looks to be the best place for Ried...tons of attention, lots of time to play and be a boxer, and unconditional love. We are excited to see this family grow together in boxer happiness!


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