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Was a shell of a dog when he came to rescue. He is approximately nine months old and had been picked up stray. He was wearing tags, but attempts to contact his owners were met with disconnected numbers and work numbers that were no longer good. When he came to rescue he weighed only 29 pounds and had no spark whatsoever to his personality. Normally, a nine month old Boxer can't keep four paws on the floor but not Oz. He would just stand there...no licking, no jumping...nothing. He went to a foster home with many other dogs and in no time at all had discovered toys, the joy of sharing a bed with humans and lots and lots of love!!! Oz went to a home where he joins a Miniature Schnauzer (Shadow) and an older, single man. Oz has fit in perfectly with his new home and is enjoying riding in the boat, playing with grandchildren and going for daily walks.

We have received many wonderful updates on Oz's progress and growth as a dog, but most importantly as a true companion and friend. Both Bill and Oz have been given gifts that are special are cherished...each other.





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