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Misty, an approximately 2 year old female, was seen running
in a hay field in December after having been pushed from a
moving car. She was making her home in a hay bale which
she had burrowed into for shelter. She was fearful of any human that approached her. After six weeks she was coaxed into the home of Sandy Backes, where she was nursed back to health and had her faith in the human race restored. Misty was adopted by the mother of Missouri Valley Boxer Club member Pat Wall and has been happy ever since. It took some persuasion for the two to meet, but when they did it was love at first sight. Her "mother" took Misty's face gently in her hands and whispered,  "You are home baby." Misty has been reliable and an asset to her new owner. This is truly a match made by angels. Thanks BOXER ANGELS!!!


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