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?? - 3/31/06

When 15-month old Jake was surrendered, he had had little discipline. He verbalized his disagreement when corrected, he counter surfed, and didn't know any basic obedience commands. It was a challenge figuring out how to teach him some manners! But after five weeks of training and TLC, he learned "sit", "down", and semi-reliable "wait" and "come" commands. He made a drastic improvement, and was a very eager learner - he just needed a patient foster family to teach him! He loved to cuddle and jam his face in the water sprinkler with his foster brother Reilly. Jake joined his new adoptive family on August 13. He loves to play with Mary, age 9, and Collin, age 6. He also enjoys "boxing" with Casey, their 13-year old chow/husky mix (that is, when she feels like playing with the young, rambunctious "kid"!) We hope he continues to do well with his caring family!

Update - 3/31/06 -
The wonderful gift we got from you 6 years ago a boxer named Jake has lost his battle with cancer today myself and my family was with Jake until the end. He was my best friend and great with my kids. Thanks.

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