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Ginger entered our rescue program a scared and thin Boxer girl. At her young age, approximately 6 months, she should have been a bundle of energy, bouncing off walls, all wiggles and licks. Unfortunately this was not the case. Ginger was about 1/3 of the weight she should have been and was afraid of everything. It was one step forward and two steps back with Ginger. Just when we thought we were making progress with her, something would frighten her and we'd be back to square one. So, we tried our hardest to socialize her and get her used to "normal" life. Our persistence paid off and in no time, we found the perfect forever home for Ginger. It's doubtful that Ginger will ever be "normal", but surprisingly in her home environment, she is almost a typical, silly and active Boxer girl. Ginger is one of those rescues that breaks your heart. She was so darn cute and you could tell that she really wanted to be a part of the "pack", but her fears and past treatment, just held her back. These are the dogs that you pull for and make you cry like a baby when they leave because they really do take a little piece of you when they go.



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