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Dutch is a big fawn boy, 68 pounds of big dog but pretty much a big baby who appears to be scared of lots of things.

Dutch came to us as part of a four dog owner surrender. His previous owner passed away and his adult children surrendered all four of his dogs to us. Missouri Valley Boxer Club and Rescue took two, Dutch and Noel (who has been placed in her forever home) into the program and North Missouri Boxer Rescue has the other two, Jasmine and Ebony. Unfortunately Dutch tested positive for heartworm and needed to undergo heartworm treatment.

Dutch's neuter surgery turned out to be a little more involved. He had a retained testicle and had "torqued" at some time. Essentially the retained testicle and the anatomy attached to it had twisted at one time. The vet said it was very involved and the testicle ended up being the size of a sunflower seed. He said this would have caused Dutch extreme pain when it happened. Since the surgery, Dutch has had an ongoing Staph infection and suffered from incontinence. This could be due to nerve damage sustained during his difficult surgery.

Dutch was taken to K.C. to Joyce Peckham with MO-KAN Boxer Rescue for further evaluation. Dutch went to see Dr. Leon, a vet very respected by the rescue group, and was diagnosed with bladder stones. Not small ones either...golf ball sized. Dutch will have surgery on Wednesday, March 20 to remove the stones. Then he will recuperate at Joyce's home. If all goes well, he will be placed shortly thereafter!!! Everyone in Kansas has fallen in love with Dutch. Dutch is having a grand time at Joyce's, playing with the Boston Terrorists, Greyhound and Silas, Joyce's rescue Boxer boy. Everyone gets along great. Joyce and her husband have really taken a shine to the big goof!!

UPDATE ON DUTCH'S SURGERY complements of Joyce:
He had bladder surgery 3/20/02 and he had some strange looking stuff in his bladder, looked like pieces of dried tissue with stones imbedded in them, two big pieces 2 and 3 inches long and then some small rocks. He had some scar tissue in his tummy and a bladder ligament that was too short......this is what started the whole problem as it tied up his bladder and he could not empty it and it just got bigger and bigger. At some point in the past his bladder had actually ruptured and has healed itself, but started making crystals that turned into bladder stones. He has a huge incision, but now a normal sized bladder. Dr C released the ligament, cleaned up the scar tissue, and saved the tissue and stones. They have been sent off to Minn to a study on doggy bladder stones. So if all goes well, Dutch will no longer dribble, have infections or have to wear pants. <giggle>

Dutch is a typical wiggly and happy boxer boy. He is very demanding of your attention and love, and he deserves a loving and caring home! He endured the difficult Being that he has spent most of his life in a kennel, he will need basic household manners and training.

Dutch's tale ends with a huge thanks and a partial giggle. He was adopted by the caring, loving and supportive Peckams! We thank them for their hard work in assisting us with Dutch and for seeing him for the true champ that we knew he was! We love you Dutch!




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