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Dugan is pictured here with his new family (this lucky boxerkid is the boxer in the lower right corner...). He came into the program with the assistance of the Town and Country Animal Shelter who picked him up as a stray and found he had a ton of potential. He was placed in foster care where he learned to sit, walk on a leash, and play with toys. He is a very energetic young male (aren't they all?) who was in need of consistency, love and companionship. He has found all three in his new family. It took Dugan and Minor (the West Highland Terrier pictured) a few days to figure each other out...as far as who was going to be the "boss" in the house. I think Minor wears the crown for now.

We applaud our foster family and his permanent family in providing great environments for this furkid to live out his days as a healthy, happy, devoted companion and friend.



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