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Chiqua was surrendered by her family because they had to move suddenly. She is a cute, lively and feisty little girl with tons of energy. She entered foster care, but quickly found a forever family to adopt her. She went to live with an older male Boxer and three active young kids. She adores the children and gives her new Boxer brother a run for his money. Her new home is great about tolerating her active personality and "active" is putting it lightly!!! She's a dynamo!!!

Update June 7, 2006 -
We rescued Lucy from you in December of 2003.  At that time she was known as Chiquita but we changed her name to Lucy.  I wanted to let you know that she is doing great.  In the beginning we had a lot of challenges with Lucy as she is very high energy and she was very difficult to housebreak but of course we stuck with it and she is a fantastic dog.  She is a great partner for our other boxer, Otis, who is now 8 (Lucy is now 3).  As she has grown up her energy level has tapered off a bit but I still take her running every morning so she gets her exercise.  She loves to play with Otis but since he is 8 he really doesn’t have that much interest in playing rough anymore.  That is OK because I took a job with an animal shelter about a year ago (we moved to Chicago so the shelter is in a suburb of Chicago) and I bring home a lot of foster dogs.  The one thing I can say about Lucy is that she LOVES all other dogs – we have never had a problem with her getting along with another dog.  Currently we are fostering an 8-month-old black lab/beagle mix and a 4 year old boxer.  Both were at a shelter in the south and they were going to be euthanized that day so we said we would take them and find them homes.  The boxer was not in the best of shape – very skinny and lots of ticks – but he is also a fantastic dog and getting better every day.  The black lab/beagle has to go but we are considering keeping the boxer and becoming a 3 boxer household!  

Anyway, rest assured that Lucy is in a good home.  I have attached a couple of recent pictures for you.  Thanks for all the good work you do!

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