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Boscoe came to us at the tender age of 4 months old. He was taken to the vet by his original owners with a "disease". He would not eat or drink and was loosing weight very rapidly. At a closer look, the vet came to find that Boscoe had a broken jaw. The owners said that the neighbors Pitbull Terrier had gotten to him and shook him from side to side. However, the vet saw no scratches, scrapes or puncture wounds but did say that it had to have happened from a hard blow…possibly a kick to the jaw.

MVBC went to pick him up and he was full of life! Bouncing every which way. Couldn't even hold him still long enough to put his collar on! After visiting 3 different vets and a specialist, the opinion was unanimous, Boscoe would not need surgery after all. The jaw would simply heal back, though not straight, and he would have to eat softened food his whole life.

Boscoe is now in a loving home with an older female Boxer. He is currently enrolled in a puppy obedience class and on his way to being a therapy dog with his big sister Tyson. We wish him the best a Boxer could have!




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