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BELLA now Daphney

Bella entered Boxer Rescue as a result of an owner surrender. She entered the program at when she was approximately 1 year of age. After being spayed and treated for Kennel cough, one of our wonderful foster families taught her how to be loved and share that love in return.

Bella was adopted in January of 2003 and we are getting rave reviews from her new home. They are quite taken with her and are very pleased with the whole adoption process.

Update 9/2/05 -
I thought you'd appreciate this little story. I just got off the phone with my sister who's in from Chicago. She and her husband  are the ones who aren't particularly fond of pets. Well they are staying at our house this weekend and I asked them to let Bella out at lunch since they would be there. My sister said they ended up letting her out early and then she came into their room and cuddled up in bed with them. She said every time her husband wanted to get up for something she wouldn't let him because it disturbed Bella and it takes her so long to resituate when she comes back to bed. Needless to say, she said I better watch out because her husband thinks Bella's the greatest dog ever. He said she doesn't bark, smell,  slobber or chew things, her only fault is that she wants to be around people......and to a dog person that's probably a really good thing! I almost fell off my chair when she said this. I just wanted to tell you again how grateful we are for her. My brother-in-law is right on. She's the best!

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