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Autumn was picked up stray by the Nebraska Humane Society in February of 2003. Autumn had been picked up before, but this time, her owner didn't have the funds to bail her out and surrendered her to the shelter. Autumn's second home was with an Animal Control Officer who had her for five months. He then lost his house and couldn't find a place to stay and keep Autumn, so he surrendered her back to the shelter. Autumn was THEN adopted by a family with children and an active life style. Autumn apparently wasn't as social as they wanted her to be and licked the kids... a lot, according to them. This family reported she was afraid of everything, especially men. They surrendered her back to the shelter because she wasn't social enough for them.

Enter Boxer Rescue. She was extremely timid when we bailed her out of the shelter...once she found a person to trust she was QUICK to bond. In her foster home, she learned to play with a large goofy boxer boy and she loved the foster homes cats!!!

Well, as luck and love would have it, Autumn's foster home couldn't see her go. They requested to adopt her. All are incredibly happy and so are we :)





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